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Palenke is a folkloric dance group of young Afro Latinos that hold on to their roots through dance and music. Based in Bogota Colombia, this 30-member ensemble puts together a live show full of energy and Afro Colombian culture. They dance African rhythms and traditional Colombian dances of African influence.

The group Palenke was created in September of 2000, with the purpose of conserving their African identity in Colombia. The dance company has grown and has traveled all over Colombia, Ecuador and in 2010 they are producing a theatrical performance called Diaspora. Through dance they will be show the history of the Afro Colombians, from slavery to traditional dances of today.

Alba Nelly Mina de Palenke


Alba Nelly Mina is from Puerto Tejada Cauca in Colombia. She has lived in Bogota for over 25 years and since 1989 she has worked with Afro Colombian communities. She started with a kindergarten and then launched a dance company. She is part of the association of Black women in Colombia called Kambiri.


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