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3 coronas - nyc

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3 Coronas

Tres Coronas

Hip Hop - Colombia - NYC
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Grupo cultural de danza y música
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New York, Paris, Bogota. From the combination of these three energetic cities the group Tres Coronas was born. The concept of Tres Coronas is to conquer Europe, North and South America. ROCCA and P. N. O, two Colombians who share the passion for Hip Hop joined forces in 2000 in the streets of New York City.

Rocca began his professional career in Paris, where in the decade of the 90' s formed part of the group (La Cliqua), one of the most popular groups in the French rap scene. He then launched as a soloist under Universal Music, put out three albums and sold thousands of units.

The other face of Tres Coronas is the Colombian-American P.N.O. His mission was to connect Bogota and New York though Hip Hop. He founded the group C. T. O. (Colombians Taking Over). P.N.O left his mark in the generation of new rappers and participated in the evolution of this musical movement in Colombia. At the same time, P. N. O. worked with many artists in New York and build a name for himself in the Hip Hop scene.

It’s been over nine years since these two M.C’s joined in New York City with the objective to create a new sound appealing to Latin audiences. Together they created Parcero Production and produced three mixtapes under the group Tres Coronas. They sold thousands of copies independently and opened doors in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Spain and France among other countries.

In 2005, Machete Music Universal signed Tres Coronas and distributed the album “Nuestra Cosa”. The album also contained a DVD documentary that showed what the guys went through to produce this project independently.
In 2007, the duo produced a mixtape in which contained the song “Mi tumbao” that was nominated for a Latin Grammy under the category “Best urban song”.

2010 debuts “La musica es mi arma”, The music is my weapon. This ambitious production is the fusion between hip hop, African rhythms with it’s own Latin flavor. This album is an expression of a mature Tres Coronas playing with a full live band and evolving as rappers. Musically this project is an expression of Salsa, Samba, Cumbia and African beats that combine with rap lyrics that dine what Hip Hop en Español is really all about. The genre of Hip Hop en Español has fought the battle of differentiating itself from Reggaeton and Tres Coronas is doing it with this album and it’s live concerts.


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